Monday, 5 July 2010

6 Music has been saved

I'm sure like me lot's of you who still listen to the radio were gutted to hear that 6 music was due to be closed at the end of this year. Thousands of people felt the same as me and wrote to the BBC, attended protests and/or generally kicked up a fuss in an attempt to save the station.

All these efforts have proved successful and 6 music will not be closing in the near future meaning you'll be able to enjoy the great shows and the fantastic roster of DJ's 6 music has. Any radio station that has shows by Steve Lemaq, Tom Robinson, Don Letts, Jarvis Cocker, Mark Radcliffe and let's not forget Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals should never be closed.

As a station 6 music also gives the smaller artists, bands and record labels the platform to have their music played to a receptive audience. Of all the radio stations if there is one with an ethos to match ours it would be them and we hope that they continue doing what they are doing for many years.

On a personal note I'm so happy that the station isn't closing as it's home to many of the DJ's that have inspired me and given me the musical taste I have today. Apart from Mike Davis every presenter I have ever looked up to is on 6 music so I'm looking forward to listening to their recommendations for years to come.

On a financial note the price of my DAB radio has not been wasted as 6 Music is the only station I listen to on it.

BA x

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