Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Upsetting the rhythm with Chris Tipton

Ever since i read about upset the rhythm in Plain B magazine i just thought it was the radist thing.They put on so many good show's and put out so many great records.In all honesty i get a musical boner just thinking about them and the bands they showcase.

Q and A with Chris Tipton

Upset the Rhythm has been going strong for 6 years now ( i hope I'm right). Has your approach changed to the way you run the live events and is it easier?

I think after the first few events where we spent a lot of time learning how to run things, trail and error so to speak, we struck upon a good way to run shows focusing on making the band and audience happy and equals. It's important to us to always try out new things, especially when concerning venues and support ideas though, when you get bored, everyone does.

How the hell did you get you get Deerhoof to play your first one?So rad you got them.

This was surprisingly easy actually! It was before Deerhoof had much profile and we were just a bunch of Kill Rock Stars nerds who desperately wanted to see them play in London, no one else wanted to put on the show and we realised if we were ever going to see them we should just get on with it and book a show ourselves. So Claire from UTR shot Deerhoof's booking agent an email about our intentions and to our delight we were given a green light and set up a show for them. We'd never done anything like this before but we pretty much live by the maxim nothing ventured nothing gained. In a lot of ways this show is still the template for what we do now, just follow your heart.

Would you take UTR to another place or country?

We've done a bunch of Upset shows in the US, namely New york, Texas, Los Angeles and San Francisco in collaboration with like minded promoters such as The Smell, Todd P and Club Sandwich who all see things in the same light of enthuiasm. Other than that I suppose when we book tours across Europe we try to work with promoters with a similar ethos.

What’s been the most proudest moment for you so far?

Woah - too many to mention, certainly releasing each record, our recent 300th show and our undying commitment to Trash Kit who last month played with their heroes The Raincoats and in doing so completed a lifelong ambition. I know this might sound lame but also whenever we meet someone inspired or appreciative of what we've tried to do over the years it's makes it all worth while. Being part of a community that didn't exist when we started makes us feel like we've achieved something worthwhile.

What’s been the worst moment for you so far?

Everytime I forget the UTR banner and need to work all the way home to get it, we are very superstitious and without its grimy presence we fear unhappy consequences.

Who does all the art-work for posters and shows,do you just let them do what they want and go with it?

I make the majority of them and they are usually inspired by knowing the band's music well and by knowing many of them as people now, I'm a stickler for the making a poster I know will make the band laugh or draw on something they'd appreciate. I'm not an artist in any way but somehow I can make vaguely decent posters that people respond well too. We're also lucky to work with a number of great illustraters who often cold call us and who far outweigh my expectations every time.

Can you name a up and coming band to check-out out..

YES! too many, I don't wanna bore you to death, I'll make it simple and just give you one from the UK > No Womb from Manchester who sing deleriously of choas and the female way, it's multitude of joys and also pains.

Miles Bradley and us would like to know if BARR are doing another Lp?

We're in touch with Brendan and at the moment BARR is on hold, he's working on other music/performance pieces and is also achieving considerable success in the artworld too. We cross our fingers daily.

Your from Shrewsbury which is not a bad place it once had a Virgin which was the only place to get good stuff from, oh and an MVC which was more then Oswestry had. Anyway did you find like me you really had to dig hard and when you did find something truly great in the mass HMV racks it was like Indiana Jones or something. What was your experience like growing up there music wise?

Well this was very much a time pre-internet believe it or not. We used to spend an ordinate amount of time in the post office sending off for fanzine to find out about new music and also of course filling many weekends with trips to Manchester and Birmingham primaily for their independent record shops and helpful staff. Shrewsbury for all it's boredom certainly made us understand that if you wanted something really great to happen you only had yourself to rely on, the DIY spirit of UTR was born in the Old Post Office drinking abode and "entertainment" room of Shrewsbury town centre on many a night. I think now it's so much easier to find out about music online that I can sleep at night considering our forebears in proud Salopia and even in MVC once I found a Melt Banana CD!!!

For a up and coming D.I.Y night like us any words of advice?

Have as much fun as possible, only organise a show if your heart is in it. Don't feel pressured by people telling you it's stupid and try and make everything as fair as possible, if that means paying bands well or keeping ticket prices reasonable, if you have any questions at all ask us at any time.

What are the three records that changed and inspired your life so far?

OK tough question, first record I bought obviously which was They Might Be Giants (sorry!) - Birdhouse In Your Soul 7", um something gateway like Nirvana or Aphex Twin or Sonic Youth or Mogwai, you know those records which pull you deeper into the realms of musical obsession, and finally of course our first 10" mini LP by Death Sentence: Panda! Glorious as UTR001, our happiest child, I can't believe we're nearly 50 releases old now!!

Rc x

La La Vasquez

Real Estate


Out Of Step Presents Maycomb, Lock and Keys and Still Bust

On a night were punk was represented in a number of styles we were gutted that Norwich based Lit-core act Dorian Gay couldn’t make it however we will be sure to put a show with them very soon.

The night started in a raucous fashion with Cheltenham based Still Bust playing their individual ska and hardcore inspired brand of punkrock. Which initially scared the audience off to a safe distance but as the band continued the audience moved closer in appreciation of the set. Still Bust are a band who embody the same DIY ethic of Out Of Step and as they graced the stage for a second time they played their hearts out for us.

Still Bust debuted some new material for us along with tracks from their EP ‘Oh Long Johnson’ before finishing with one of the most intense tracks Out Of Step has seen which was even more impressive due to a broken mic stand being held by an audience member.

After Still Bust it was the turn of Leeds based The lock and Keys who from the off wowed the crowd with their emotional brand of pop punk. Musically the band was tight and the keyboard complimented the guitars perfectly adding a depth to their live sound. Vocally the complex harmonies balanced on a knife edge between male and female and worked beautifully.

Around half way through the set the bass amp blew causing all kinds of confusion which was filled by entertaining ramblings from the band and less entertaining ramblings from the audience before the band played a few tracks without the bass. Stillbust arrived in the nick of time to save the day with a fresh bass amp and the night was saved by the last few energetic songs of the set.

As Maycomb took the stage they had the air of hometown heroes the room was packed and they entered the stage with a certain sense of bravado. Which within moments pf the start of the set seemed completely valid as they hammered through the intense set. The crowd were whipped into a frenzy and all eyes include those of fans from the Blondie show who were slowly entering the venue were on the Maycomb and the three pronged attack delivered by the vocals on the front line.

The drumming was tight and led the band in every track they conquered; as the set progressed the band humbly thanked the audience at every possible opportunity and seemed genuinely grateful to every person in attendance. The audience responded with generous applause and the atmosphere was fantastic with both band and audience seeming to enjoy the show equally.

As with every Out Of Step show the credit deservedly should go to the audience, Still Bust, The Lock and Keys and Maycomb as without them and their efforts Out Of Step could not exist.

Video of the show can be found here


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wavves Line up to make real waves this summer

I just got hold of a copy of the new Wavves L.p 'King Of the beach'. With-in the first few tracks of the record i can hear a real mature and talented Nathan William's.The record was not done like the fist two in Nathan's bedroom on a 12 track recorder. Their is that lo-fi Wavves sound but less and in some track's really surfed out smooth.
The track 'Idiot' pretty much sum's up Nathan's public break down at the Pitchfork fest, he sing's "I'm not supposed to be a kid,but I'm an idiot,i say I'm sorry but it wouldn't mean shit".He's lyric's are raw and honest and the added bass on track's by Jay Retards ex bass player Stephen Pope make all the track's more rounded. Watching recent interviews with all the band both drummer (Billy Hayes who is a rad drummer from Jay Retard) and Stephen Pope i think have guided young Nathan to a better place. Billy Hayes was saying about the first two L.p's "You can not make just noise about skating and eating pizza when you hit 35,you gotta grow up". I can not wait to see Wavves tour this summer in the UK and further more hear track's played with a full band from the first two L'p's.

The new record comes on on 10th August.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Knock Knock

The Knocking Shop is an ace little piece of internet based televisual programming made by my man Danny Sangra and his crew of misfits. Filmed within Dalston's Stags Head public house, the show is a deranged antidote to Jools Holland, featuring a slew of rad bands that play regularly in the area (and often for free at the venue itself) - a few of which will be playing at upcoming Out Of Step shows.
Below are parts one and two of the first episode and a trailer for the second featuring the mighty Fair Ohs and Teeth, for which I hope to be attending the Launch Party (Not Cool, Mazes plus secret headliner!) this weekend!

EPISODE 2 TEASER 1 from the knocking shop on Vimeo.

THE KNOCKING SHOP EPISODE 1 PART 1 from the knocking shop on Vimeo.

THE KNOCKING SHOP EPISODE 1 PART 2 from the knocking shop on Vimeo.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summer song

Signals - "What Dreams" from signals LA on Vimeo.

Out Of Step Presents APPLICANTS album launch

Monday saw Out Of Step present an album launch party for London based Art Punk outfit Applicants new release ‘Escape from Kraken Castle’. An album that has already created waves in the music press most notably with a very positive review in NME where it was rated eight out of ten.

The night kicked off with bad news as Ethical Debating Society couldn’t make the show due to car trouble on the plus side it did mean that the other acts could play longer sets. The first act to take the stage were Only Shadows a local band who mixed the sound of indie-rock, pop-punk and at times bands such as Jimmy Eat World. Although not specifically to my taste the audience including loads of people heading to the Band Of Horses show at the Civic lapped up their energetic style.

The second act completely blew the crowd myself included away with their individual and energetic style. Bad Apes are another local band who prove that the Wolverhampton scene doesn’t solely consist of bands trying to be the next Oasis. Their sound was pure noise punk and they definitely played it loud. Although I am no expert on noise punk the obvious comparison in my mind was to US Lo-fi two-piece No Age. They incorporated many elements that shouldn’t work for example offbeat drumming with mad guitar lines and created an eclectic sound which was overall mesmerising to watch mainly due to the energy which was put into the live performance.

This is a band that Out Of Step are predicting very big things from and with new recordings on the way I think these could be back to play an Out Of Step event very soon.

Finally Applicants took the stage and played an energetic selection of tracks from their back catalogue and more importantly the new record. They played like an experienced live outfit and had all the exuberance of punk rock throughout the performance. More importantly from start to finish they worked the crowd hard and created a real atmosphere with the audience worked into a frenzy.

As the set developed the only change I would have made to the live show would have been to include a keyboard rather than a backing track as it would have added a further layer to the music. However when travelling between London and Wolverhampton in a car it is totally understandable that a keyboard was not an option. I will hope to see the band playing on home turf and find out if a keyboard is included.

Overall all three acts played their hearts out for us and represent different sides of the DIY spectrum respectively. After such a successful album launch party we’re hoping to put more on so if you’re launching a record or a single and want to get Out Of Step involved contact Rich, Gem or Ben and we’ll get something hooked up.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Los Campesinos At Topshop Bandstand Picnic Birmingham

This weekend Topshop are putting on the event Bandstand Picnic for Teenage cancer trust.One of the main headliners Cardiff Lo-fiers Los Campesinos! will be gracing Birmingham in preparation for their onslaught of Festival show's coming up in the summer .Other reasons to head down to this event is the Field Day village fete feel.With Cupcakes,festival face decoration,roller skates for hire and more.I'm unsure of the other acts but as a safe bet think T4 on the beach only in a park.One band Summer camp are well worth checking out the Surf-tronica act and are perfect for a sunny day vibes.
Head down to the Birmingham Topshop store where all-sorts of in-store event's are taking place.Such as Re-enacting your favourite music videos in a pop-up karaoke film booth.If i was you, I would personally go for a version of 'Born to run' by the Boss which all ways brings the house down.
Tickets are £10, with all profits going to the Trust, and are available from this link here and the Bullring Topshop store.

Here is the full blurb from Topshop

"Pack up a picnic, slap on the sun cream and bring along your blanket to our Bandstand Picnics where music's hottest new talent will be playing in lovely green space across the country to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Presented by Jameela Jamil and Miquita Oliver, it's set to be one stylish afternoon out! So come along and see how we've given the good old bandstand picnic a Topshop touch. We've even got a special sun-shaded area where you can chill and relax with sun cream products on hand, ponchos should it rain, old-school sports day events, amazing prizes up for grabs, festival face decoration, delicious cupcakes, and roller skates available to hire!

The Birmingham Line-up.
Los Campesinos
I blame coco
Eliza Doolittle
Summer Camp

DJ Sets by: Blonde Ambition and Broken Hearts.
Location: The Vale, Edgbaston
Date: Sunday 20th June

Wednesday 16th June-Sunday 20th June
In the Bullring store you will find summer bandstands and pop-up karaoke film booths! Come along and help support the amazing charity, Teenage Cancer Trust.
We will be hosting a daily raffle in store with amazing prizes up for grabs! For just £2 you could win anything from a shopping spree for your summer holiday to a super chic Globe Bike.

Re-enact your favourite music videos in our pop-up karaoke film booth and receive a DVD of your performance for just £5.
Also during this time anyone that spends £60 or more instore can present their receipt to a member of staff at the bandstand and claim their free gift, a gorgeous floral picnic blanket."



Sunday, 13 June 2010

Only Animals

The future is gonna be awful according to lead singer Oliver Catt of Only Animals. I think he maybe right there? Their track's on their myspace have a cross blend of early Coxon,Wavves and Black Lips. They are straight up and to the point with songs dealing with everyday doubt and getting drunk and no their not the next Black Flag.

From them
"Basically, we are a band that formed out of a side project following the collapse of another band. Sad I know. We pretty much just recorded a bunch of songs, put out an EP, booked a load of gigs and will now be playing a lot of shows in very little time. I hope you enjoy what we do and that you come and see us at least once. Time is a factor. Further education will come calling soon."

We are putting a show on with Only Animals in late August or September at The Basement bar Birmingham.

You can download their E.p 'Antler Thief'

Chapter Sweetheart

We are always harassing bands to play at Out of step. Very rarely do good bands approach us that are not from Wolverhampton trying to be the next Twang.
I got this lovely little message left on our myspace from London based Chapter Sweetheart. and apparently one of them is from Wolverhampton.

It Read "heya, just noticed your putting our good mates not cool on for a show in aug, im from wolves and aint heard of you guys doing this sort of night and it sounds ace would love it if you would consider us one time"

My reply to this was YES!.
They are a great noise pop group with many influences ranging from The Fall,Minutemen,Make Up and 50's jazz.
Check out there epic cover of 'My Girl' on their myspace.

We plain on putting on show at the end of August with Leeds lo fi treats Wonderswan at the Basement Bar Birmingham. Keep an eye out on the dates!

Hold Your Horse Is Show

Brighton noise makers Hold Your Horse Is are very busy in the next few week's. They have so much brewing right now,not only a six track e.p out on Big Scary Monster records released 23rd August. They are also on a tour and will be stopping by at Wolverhampton Varsity venue.
This will be Out of steps first time in showcasing bands in a new intimate venue.We are still going to continue at our spiritual home of Alchemy Bar with the Birthday show,Not Cool and some more great event's.

The tour follows
w/ Stagecoach -
16th Jul - BRIGHTON pav tav
17th Jul - LONDON alcopopalooza @ the windmill
18th Jul - GUILDFORD boileroom

w/ Great Ancestors -
20th Jul - WOLVERHAMPTON upstairs @ varsity
21st Jul - KINGSTON fighting cocks
22nd Jul - OXFORD cellar
23rd Jul - BLACKBURN live lounge
24th Jul - NOTTINGHAM upstairs @ the central

w/ Loads of great bands -
25th Jul - BIRMINGHAM off the cuff @ the flapper

And to add more hype On Monday 12th July, a free download single 'You Show Up' will be available from:

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Just to let everyone know we have changed the name of our Blog address to

We have so many show's coming this summer and can not wait for our Birthday show after that will still be bringing you more heard and unheard sound's. So keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more details when they happen.

Monday, 7 June 2010


Nice review by the N.M.E

"By all logic Applicants should be so deeply irritating they’d make sitting in a room with Johnny Borrell while listening to Johnny Borrell records and talking about Johnny Borrell sound like a pleasurable pursuit. They sing songs about Tesco, lace their ridiculous lyricisms and schizo pop-punk intermittently with things that sound like the [i]Pac-Man[/a] 'game over' music and a choir of angry trolls, and have tracks entitled ‘Since Porn Took Over the World’ and ‘Obey eBay’. It should be embarassing. We should hate it. But we can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, they might just be total bona fide geniuses."

Lisa Wright NME 8/10

Sunday, 6 June 2010


After looking trough myspace on Not Cool's, I stumbled across the very talented man Nathan Eanest Hewitt. Who's music is a great blend of Elliot Smith,Wavves and dreamy disoluded bedroom made pop.

He has brought out a few Tapes and vinyls already on Paradise Vendors and Young and Lost Club.
Go have a listen to the brilliant 'Flake' and see what you think.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Aged Yummy Debut L.P Free Download

In July 'Aged Yummy' will playing our Birthday show and were very much looking forward to seeing their angular,math indie lo-fi sound.

Right now you can get their debut for free when you add yourself to their mailing list.It's a great record.
A physical copy will be ready for release in time for their summer show's.

Here is the place to go -

Thursday, 3 June 2010

It's Just Noise presents 'Thee Oh Sees' At The Basement Birmingham

Have you ever been to the Basement in Birmingham,its amazing it's like this great little New York bar hidden away.It has a jukebox with some of the greatest Blues,punk and indie track's i have seen and the interior looks like it's come straight from the 70's. Tonight 'It's Just Noise' brought us San Francisco finest 'Thee Oh Sees' in this small imitate venue.

The night started with Midlands based A Degree of Murder

Three men that play straight up hard garage punk. Taking there name from Brian Jones soundtrack to the Film of the same name. This band at first i feared would be more into how good they looked then how they sounded. I was wrong you can hear in their sound 'The Sonics', 'Shadows of the Night,'Monks' and in part's early Bleach Nirvana especially with the drumming and bass.Look out for more show's by them.

Second up Sex Beet from London

This band really don't care and their sound is clumsy and brash.But you fall in love with their jangly Wavves and Beach Boys inspired sound.There set was short and from what i could hear there seemed to be a few covers on the night.

You know when you read and see the show's they put on in the Smell in LA where the crowd are right on top of Mika Miko and all the kids in the pitures are having the best time of their lives well that was pretty much what it was like.
Lead singer John Dwyer brought everything forward to the masses.I was left kneeling on the arm of the sofa watching and grinning the whole way trough. From the first song of 'Help' the drum driving 'Enemy Destruct' the place was alight with dancing on the spot. Sweat and a great set.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


To all in the Midlands area some great bands supporting the brilliant San Francisco surf garage punkers 'Thee Oh Sees' at the Basement bar.

"loud, twangy, snotty and quite brilliant" - VICE

Taking the sounds of The Sonics, Black Lips and the dullness of the West Midlands to create raw garage sounds.