Monday, 31 May 2010

Bronze Medals Four Track Cassette Tape

We are very very very happy indeed to be bringing out Nuneaton's finest math art punk band 'Bronze Medals' on a Out Of Step INC release sometime at the end of July.

There are a few new track's on this and is limited to 5o copies and never to be re-made.So very special indeed.
Will keep you posted on all future release's as and when they happen.
You can pre-order the tape now if you want via and will put you on the list to receive a copy.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Applicants L.P launch

LP Release Night





What people think of them

A band so riotus, so punk rock and so endearing as to be impossible... In an alternative universe Applicants would be playing Wembley and Muse playing The Dublin Castle... The most startling thing about these songs is that despite their anarchic jollity, you could imagine any one of them played on Radio 1 - even in the daytime!"- ARTROCKER

"where Atari Teenage Riot battles with ‘Into The Groove’-era Madonna in a world-pulverising showdown, replete with space-age weaponry and the inevitable plot-twist ending to leave you reeling".- DROWNED IN SOUND

"The intercontinental Applicants... parallel universe popstars with a fondness for fake blood and liver-destroying quantities of booze, and that's just on the bus to the the gig. Bring your own serviettes - it's going to get messy".- THE GUARDIAN GUIDE

Support from and TBC


Raw and energetic riot grrrl punk from London

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Skate projections to Male Bonding

After looking at all the projections of last night show i got bored and made this lovely little skate vid to the Male Bonding track 'Crooked Scene' enjoy

Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun @ Out Of Step 24th May 2010

The last band of the night were Cheltenham's folk punk heroes Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun. The band didn't even take the stage to start their set instead they brought the show into the audience with an acoustic number in the very middle of the room this turned out to be the perfect way to warm up an audience.

Again Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun showed a different musical direction with an obvious influence from folk music again combining the traditional folk style with more modern ingredients. The combination of traditional protest songs with aspects of youthful revolt create a style that it's impossible not to warm to.

In my time as a resident of Cheltenham I saw Jim Lockey & The Solemn sun develop into the band they have now become and with every performance they seem to improve. There is of course a nostalgic aspect in my appreciation of their music but this has now been overtaken by simple appreciation. Again like Joe Summers I'm looking forward to hearing the record when it comes out in July and we will be looking forward to the band returning to play for us again very soon.

Boat To Row @ Out Of Step 24th May 2010

Boat To Row are a band who have attracted a lot of attention from local music writers in the last few months, this attention added an extra level of anticipation and expectation to the set. As they took the stage and started to play the opening track I knew this attention was more than deserved the individual style this four-piece has blends traditional folk with other aspects of acoustic music with comparisons to both Fiona Regan and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly made by other journalists I wasn't sure how they would work but they do work perfectly as a live act.

I'm scarred at how many of the local bands that Out Of Step admires have members of BTR involved and even more scary is how young these guys are. The maturity they show in the music they make is amazing and the instrumental balance created throughout makes live sets a pleasure to watch.

Sunrise Over Europe @ Out Of Step 24th May 2010

Sunrise Over Europe were second up and created a great deal of anticipation from their sound check which can only be described as loud. This band like the other three acts on the bill create an individual style of folk inspired music which takes influence from a diverse range of musical and lyrical styles.

The most obvious style the band have is shoe-gaze although the distorted fuzzy guitars do mix beautifully with angular violins and soothing vocals. As a live act the band were intense with their energy on stage almost equaling the walls of pure noise delivered. The set was balanced perfectly with just enough quiet tender moments to balance the pure noise elements.

Sunrise Over Europe are definitely a band that you need to see to fully understand and we are looking forward to having them back sometime soon.

Joe Summers @ Out Of Step 24th May 2010

Joe Summers was the first act to take the stage giving the audience a little taster of what to expect from his debut record which is due out in early July. It's rare to see an artist so young display such a great understanding of what it takes to make beautiful folk music. Joe's genuine accomplished style was a pleasure to watch and accompanied the transition between day and night wonderfully.

Joes style bridges the gap between the classic folk of Richard Thompson and the nu-folk and Americana scenes that are growing steadily at the moment. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from Joe and can't wait for the EP in July, with any luck he'll be back for an Out Of Step event very soon.

Out Of Step Presents Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, Boat To Row, Sunrise Over Europe and Joe Summers

As I'm sure you are aware last night Out Of Step welcomed four amazing acts who embrace folk in a completely different style. The night also included a stripped back approach to lighting with fairy lights adding a n intimate feel to the stage set up and projections of retro holiday and skate videos throughout each set.

As usual the next few posts will include individual reviews and a selection of the best pictures we could find from the night however if you'd rather see video of each band please head over to my Youtube channel
here where you can find video of each band.

Swap Shop at We Create*

This Saturday at We Create* will be sound-tracking the event 'Sawp shop' at the Victoria st shop in Wolverhampton.

all info below

The shop is in the very city centre, 5 minutes walk from both the train station and bus stop. 126 from Bham stops in front of the shop!

Take a bit of time to purge your wardrobe prior to our event. Unused stuff clutters your life. Make space for new-to-you pieces that you actually WILL wear.
Swappable items include quality wardrobe items that you’d typically donate. Items must be:
1. New, nearly new (worn only once or twice) or gently used (worn, but still in very good condition);
2. Clean (freshly laundered and pressed);
3. You can bring: coats, dresses, skirts, suits, trousers, jeans, tops, blouses, sweaters, tee-shirts, work-out wear, costumes, shoes, purses, jewellery, belts, hats, watches;
4. Bring as many items as you want and take as many as you like!
5. DO NOT bring dirty or damaged clothes;
6. Unclaimed items will be donated to various charity shops in the area and re-used during our series of workshops (see another leaflets, posters and zine available at We Create shop).

Why bother?
1. Promote ecological lifestyle in accordance with the 3R rule
2. Don’t shop – swap! Why spending money when you can get new clothes for free?
3. Meet new people, relax, have fun and tidy your wardrobe as you always wanted!


"Year's Not Long"

Here it is the first video from London's Male Bonding.Just a few guy's bonding then really bonding.Check out the who's who of people in bands ,to name a few Abe Viogda and Mika Miko. Bromace all the way.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Well we have some sad news for you all.Aspen Sails will not be playing Monday's show.Tho we have still got a great line up for you all.

Jim Lockey and The Solemn sun

We predict the folk acts of 2009'
"Fresh-faced Lockey's lyrics show more maturity than his years would suggest ... Lockey is far from a carbon copy with the influence of indie music shining through in his work. He's a great place to start if you're looking to crossover to listening to folk music and he should be one to look out for in 2009"

"Jim Lockey is one of, if not the best, singer-songwriter i met in 2008. Deserves to be massive"
Frank Turner


BTR infuse the warm sounds of Fion Regan and Get Cape Wear Cape fly.

Guitarist in Birmingham Punk/New Wavers, Youves Michael King has embarked on a side project under the moniker Boat To Row, where his songwriting & performing talents have really been placed on show.
Michael’s knack of writing great lyrics, coupled with a good old fashioned sense of real heart-lifting melodies is a breath of fresh air in a scene where the majority of singer-songwriters opt for the easy option of moaning about lost love.

Go download the brilliant E.p 'The Young And Quirky' from I tunes


Harmonic soundscape shoegaze folk

Think early The Guillemots, Arcade Fire and Jesus and Marry Chain
Great live in this samll intermit venue.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Birthday show on sale This Wednesday

Man it's been a mad few week's seeing Pavement and finally getting the go with Hot Club De Paris. The tickets were going to be on sale last week but with all the madness of the week gone they will be finally up for grabs this Wednesday via See Tickets, search 'Hot club de Paris' you will find them.

There are only 200 tickets up on there so be sure to get em before they all go.Alchemy is small but one thing for sure it will be intimate show. Really looking forward to this.There are so many great bands playing all afternoon.Holy Sate will be epic to see live so make sure you all go check them out before hand.

Also three of the bands playing at the Birthday show. Fever Fever,Joyous,Decadence in Berlin are playing a free show at the 'Actress and Bishop' Birmingham on 3oth May.It's free in and well worth it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pavement's first show at Brixton Academy

They played

'Silence Kit'
'Box Elder'
'Father To A Sister of Thought'
'Shady Lane'
'In The Mouth A Desert'
'Gold Soundz'
'Summer Babe'
'Kennel District'
'No Life Singed Her'
'Fight This Generation'
'Range Life'
'Two States'
'Trigger Cut'
'Starlings of the Slipstream'
'Spizzle Trunk'
'Spit On A Stranger'
'Elevate Me Later'
'Rattled By The Rush'
'Cut Your Hair'
'We Dance'
'Date w/ IKEA'
'Debris Slide'
'Give It A Day'
'Stop Breathin''
'Conduit For Sale!'


Monday, 10 May 2010

Fuck You, The Truth

Yes the rumours are indeed true art punkers Hot Club De Paris will be gracing us with their presence on 26th July at Alchemy Bar Wolverhampton for our Birthday Show.
Their is alot going on for this with not only HCdP playing but Holy State,Men,Aged Yummy,Fever Fever are back again also local hero's Joyous and Decadence in Berlin to name a few.

With the bar to have a village fate feel on the day expect a BBQ free cakes and free special zine
for all.

This is going to be a great day indeed and we hope you can all make it.
The venue Alchemy is small but we can fit in 250 max so be sure to your ticket as soon as they go up on See will be no door tickets available on the night sorry.

Here is the lovely line up people




Stop Breathing,Breathing for me now

Yes indeed i am seeing one of the most important bands of my life on May 10th at London Brixton Academy. Pavement are one of those bands from sound to art work i have just fell in love with and i am sure all who read and go to Out Of Step will feel the same for this band.They pretty much have sound-tracked my youth so this gig is simply epic! Plus Broken Social scene are on the bill.

I will be documenting the whole day and put a special post after the show. And Out Of Step zine *4 will have a nice spread about the show.

Everyday i will be posting my Favourite Pavement Videos till Thursday.We start with 'Spit on a Stranger' taken from their last studio L.P ' Terror Twilight'

Thursday, 6 May 2010


So far we have had mostly Punk, Indie or Alternative bands play at Out Of Step with our ears left ringing by the end of the night.This May we bring you a more subtle blend of Folk.Yes folk people.We have the Brilliant Aspen Sails,Jim Lockey And the Solemn Sun and now just added we have 'Boat To Row'.
You may now Boat To Row due to both Michael and Ben playing in Bronze Medals and Youves.

Guitarist in Birmingham Punk/New Wavers, Youves Michael King has embarked on a side project under the moniker Boat To Row, where his songwriting & performing talents have really been placed on show.
Michael’s knack of writing great lyrics, coupled with a good old fashioned sense of real heart-lifting melodies is a breath of fresh air in a scene where the majority of singer-songwriters opt for the easy option of moaning about lost love.

Go download the brilliant E.p 'The Young And Quirky' from I tunes

May 24th Alchemy bar Wolverhampton

£2 on the door
Free Out Of Step Zine and CD

Aspen Sails
Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun
Boat to Row

High Violet

The National are releasing their new album 'High Violet' this monday. For those who have downloaded its leak or streamed it via the New York Times website will know its transcendent immediacy.

An arguement that often comes up about The National is of which is better out of their last two albums , 'Alligator' (2005) and 'Boxer' (2007). 'Alligator' is harder and rawer than 'Boxer' however the latters subtle production and togetherness hold it together better. So with these two great albums there is very high expectations with the latest record to beat these last two, an impossiblity it almost seems. I believe they have though as it combines everythings that came before but takes it to another level instrumentally and especially vocally.

There is a great Drowned in Sound interview that is linked below that does justice to the album

DiS Review

Also here is a great session for in a haunted house playing the new tracks, it's beautifully filmed aswell.

Pitchfork 'The National Film'

James Nash on Alternative Press Broadcast

Our good friend and poster boy James Nash tells all well try's to on this great interview from the Alternative Press about he's comic diary.
Nash has diary's in 'Created in Birmingham right now for £5 both he's second and the latest

Click here to listen to the show Alternative Press Hour

If you can not get to Created in Birmingham shop located in the Bullring then you can get all the comics via he's Website.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This is Happening Post About Out Of Step Zine


Out Of Step is a monthly night based in Wolverhampton at Alchemy Bar and every last Monday of each month with live bands and DJs. Their Birmingham clubnight takes place every first Thursday of each month at Island Bar. Their playlists cover alternative, electronica, shoegaze and punk showcase and their gigs usually feature up and coming bands. At their events Out Of Step give away a free zine, so far they’ve put two out which have featured the likes of Hot Club de Paris, La La Vasquezand Atta Girl.

We sent them a few questions to find out more about their zine.

Who is behind the fanzine?
The fanzine is run by two people, myself (Richard Cartwright) and good friend Ben Adset.There are also a collective of writers, bands and illustrators who we have featured in the pages.

How often do you publish each issue?
We bring out the zine every month before a live show. Yet sometimes it can run behind schedule with self funding.

It started when I asked the question for a post on our blog in the start of the year “what are the three records that changed and inspired your life”.The feedback was brilliant and the thoughts on the records chosen by the people, some as far as America was well worth the reason to print it. Also no one in Wolverhampton was doing it at the time.

Instead of flyers printed for our night I thought the zine would be the ideal method of printed material to get people to the nights we put on. With flyers people tend to throw away when given but a book I think people take notice.

What influeneces you when you’re putting together an issue?
The D.I.Y culture of late 70’s and 80’s punk. But I would say drinking Earl Gray till the late hours of the morning, slumped over my Mac and scanner listening to My Bloody Valentine. But no the influence is in the love of D.I.Y and music helping spread the word about new bands in our area.

Production wise what kind of methods do you use? i.e. scanner or cut & paste for example.

Well it’s cut and paste really, I will type it all up then print all the pages off. Add the artwork and pictures by hand. There are no computers involved in the final layout of the zine pages. Then it’s just the photocopier and me for a few hours.

Tell me how you distribute your zine

I go around to all the shops, bars and record shops myself and hope the owners don’t throw them away after I leave 30 odd there. If you go on the blog there is a distribution list up there somewhere.
You can also get them from our live night at Alchemy Bar Wolverhampton and our DJ nights in Birmingham’s Island bar and Cheltenham’s Two Pigs

Why print a zine instead of other methods such as blogging?

We do have a blog too. I like the idea of someone picking up the zine and spending time reading my printed thoughts on music. Most things on the net are very disposable nowadays.
The connection to the people I feel is lost in blogs because anyone can do it. When I pick up a zine I look after it, I put it on my book shelf for safe keeping because I know someone spent time and money on that.

What was the first zine you ever read?

I never really read zines that much at all but I came across the American zine ‘Touch and Go’ via a friend and thought that was pretty rad, reading Ian MacKaye cooking guide the straight edge way and the way the pages are put together in its cut and paste structure I think was a real big influence on the way Out Of Step zine looks.
My friend James Nash does this great comic zine that documents his daily life through drawings.
Also a great zine from Norwich called “What would Henry Rollins do”it features hardcore punk.

Are there any other zines you feel an affinity with?
ATTA Girl zine is great. It comes from a club night in Birmingham at the Island bar. It’s influence comes from the Riot grrrl zines from the 90’s
What is the future of self-publishing?
For any Birmingham/ Midlands based people go check out ‘
Birmingham zine social club‘ they are on Facebook and they’re all on there that do it.
I think it’s good and healthy right now. There is so many Zine fairs up and down the country it will never stop. You go to any show in Birmingham and there is a table set up for zines all for sale.The worry I have is soon the zine will cost more to print. We only make 200 of each issue and now people are asking for more or back issues. Also the more things that go in there the more pages needed and being self funded it can be hard to do it for free. But until then we will keep it free so please don’t hate us when we ask for £3 in on the door at shows. Hopefully if all goes well we will be bringing out
Bronze Medals and Moondad on a limited tape cassette run in June/July of this year so very excited about that.

Do you have a website?

Yes we have a blog it’s
We also have a shop you can get zines from their and other hand-made things
Or find us on

Monday, 3 May 2010







Aspen Sails is the brainchild of Lincoln born folksters Bertie and Charlie. The music they make is a soaring wave of hook filled melody orchestrated through their intertwining vocals, and gently caressed guitars. They are a must see band for fans of Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Kings of Convenience and Iron and Wine. Taking influence from old-school American emo such as American Football, Aspen Sails have transformed the sound into their own, filling it out with folk guitar sounds and narrative lyrics whilst substituting a full band sound for something overly intimate and overwhelming - an insight into two young men’s genius via the medium of beautiful 3 minute folk songs.

Since the formation of the band less than 12 months ago Aspen Sails have taken in performances alongside the likes of The Magic Numbers, Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches), Stornoway, Slow Club, First Aid Kit, Jay Jay Pistolet, Wild Beasts, and toured with Californian quartet Chief (Domino Records).

Aspen Sails were named BBC Gloucestershire's Band of 2009, and enjoyed their first national airplay on 6Music courtesy of Tom Robinson.

In May 2010 they will release their debut single proper, 'Human Beings', via Alcopop! Records.

“Perfect harmonies, songs that will melt your heart, they’re simply brilliant” The Fly
"A quality that reminds me of someone I love, but can't quite place" Marsha, XFM

"With folk melodies and heartfelt vocals, they capture a sound that is both fragile and intimate" BBC 6Music

"Full of lilting lullabies and gorgeous harmonies. It's the sort of music that makes you feel everything is going to be all right after all" BBC Introducing


We predict the folk acts of 2009'
"Fresh-faced Lockey's lyrics show more maturity than his years would suggest ... Lockey is far from a carbon copy with the influence of indie music shining through in his work. He's a great place to start if you're looking to crossover to listening to folk music and he should be one to look out for in 2009"

"Jim Lockey is one of, if not the best, singer-songwriter i met in 2008. Deserves to be massive"
Frank Turner

Sunday, 2 May 2010



Keep A Secret-The Whitest Boy Alive

Deadbeat Summer-Neon Indian

River Card-Atlas Sound

Graveyard -Girls Names

Franklin-Male Bonding

Losing My Accent-Nodzzz

Zurich Is Stained-Pavement

You Could Write A Book-Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin


Ambling Alp-Yeasayer