Thursday, 26 November 2009



Hello all

Hope everyone is in good sprit and doing well at their chosen university or College.
We know it's hard to come back to wolves and even have to live here but believe me it ant all that bad.
To celebrate those who return !!!
We are having a "it's Christmas"(like Noddy Holder of Slade would say) christmas special.

but first please read this sad news

"this is the last ever out of step and Richard King's,he's of to France

"so be nice to know that someone gave a shit about people wanting to put something good on in this shit town"

The Night of Joy will contain from 9pm ok it's £1 in but you get loads of free stuff plus we have never charged before..

-if you wear a classic Christmas jumper you get a free shot of Corkys-

-secret Santa gifts for all, farther Christmas himself

-Guest Dj SANTA

-free mulled wine,

-free best of 09 cd(this time it will play like a normal cd not just one track mix)

-home alone 2,its a wonderful life and other christmas films from the past projected onto the dance-floor

very cheap alcohol is what everyone want's today so

bottle of red/white wine £6 bottle
carling beer £2 pint
san miguel bottle £1.50
vk any flavour £1.50
corky shot's £1
christmas cocktails £3.50 each or two for £6

"you can always go to the varsity,royal or anywhere else if you want on a Monday but we thought we'd let you know about it"

If Noddy Holder does turn up that would be an added bonus

Below a fine example of what we want to see for your free corky's shot

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The XX live on Jool's Holland

Just got round to watching this performance of The xx playing one of my personal favourites of their L.p the track is 'Island'.

The XX also are on the front of the latest issue of
'The stool Pigeon',which you can pick up
from the bar

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cymbal's Eat Guitars Birmingham Academy 3

Small venue ,small turn out for this lo-fi New York band. Watching CEG is like watching early Pavement ,there's that geek art rock that just comes out from their live performance.
Hope to hear more next year.
To all check out the self-tilted debut.A full review of the L.p will feature in the Top ten of 2009.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Blog about another fine blog

Just found out about this rather interesting blog written by 16 year old Katherine Rogers from Northern Island.I stumbled across her blog via Last FM. The blog has a great insight in all that is new with-in the indie/alternative scene and is a breathe of fresh air from the often to hipster site Pitchfork.
We hope Katherine all the best in her quest to becoming as she put's it "a music hack"

check out the link to the blog

At some point we are putting are collective mind's together and creating the Out of step album's of 2009.
With a lovely 20 or how many tracks we can fit on one cd to give away for the 'Do you know it's Christmas time' on the 23rd December .
With secret Santa and mulled wine for all.

Friday, 13 November 2009


The Ikon close down party for artit's Ryoji Ikeda who's work is based around sound and visual's was perfect for Colour to end it all.
Colour pulled out all the stop's by projecting their own visuals of found recording manuals and playing all that is good in the genre of electronica, turning the small Ikon art gallery ware-house into Manchester's Hacienda. Yorkshire based band Woriedaboutsatan played a non-stop full hour of shoe-gaze techno (they feature on the new-gaze cd).Here are a few images of the night..

loads more info

worriedaboutsatan myspace

ikon gallery

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jarvis Cocker - Further complications video

Directed by Stephanie Di Glusto the video brings to live the album cover of Jarvis's second full length l.p
The video is a cross between Jamiroquai's Virtual insanity and British contemporary artist's John Wood and Paul Harrison's video work.


What a mad two tone two day's it has been. With The Specials sold out show's the city of Wolverhampton has gone Ska mad.
Thanks to all who came for our two-tone special's night and took a massive intreats in the free cd's.


We know the majority of Wolverhampton is drinking a pound a pint near by but if you fancy a change or somewhere to go after then 'Out of step' is the answer.
Alchemy bar is located next to the old Little Civic and is a true indie bar and what i mean by indie is,it's independently run.So support your local indie bar!

Next week we are giving away a two-part shoe gaze compilation.
We still also need a guest dj for the night so if you fancy it drop us a comment on the faceboook fan page.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hear No Musical Evil

We first meet Ben Adsett for the Fresher's night we did for Wolverhampton Uni he's instant love for Black Flag was all he needed for him to be part of Out Of Step.
Ben does this radio show for Kic Fm a little student run radio station in the quiet leafy area of Compton.
From 11.00 am till 1.30pm Ben plays moderately unsigned and unheard band's from punk, ska , indie and everything in-between .I went onto the show for a part called 'sound-clash' where you had to pick tracks from a range of categories.
They where chill out track,cover's track, something new,party starter and currently listening to.
The show was mostly spent by pure banter about The Cribs and Wakefield ,lord knows why?
Richard King is next up so listen to the show via the webpage.

im on the 5th December slot

Monday, 9 November 2009


You have read our love for Spaceman 3,My Bloody Valentine and countless other 80's and 90's shoe-gaze act's.In fact we still get asked by people what is shoe-gaze?
So we are making a compilation the first by Richard King will focus on the root's of shoe-gaze. The second will be by Richard Cartwright focusing on the change of shoe-gaze with influences coming from punk, indie and electronica.

This will be a compilation not unlike previous cd's we have given out before where they have been a one track mix.

At present we are rearranging the day's for Out Of Step at Alchemy changing it to a Tuesday night. More news on that when it's final.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Grizzly Bear "Ready Able" Video

You have to see this amazing music video by director Allison Schunlik.
Just simply epic as per usual from Grizzly Bear,if anything i think all involved in Out Of Step would agree that 'Veckamist' is a possible contender for the best album of 09?

more info check out this interview of her.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Spacemen 3

Jason Pierce (aka J Spaceman) and Peter Kember (aka Sonic Boom) in the 1980s created shoegaze before the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Ride popualrised it and mastered the art in the early 90's. Yes the former is the frontman of Spiritualized however Spacemen 3 put his latter band to shame. Their seminal and now reissued for the 6th time 'The Perfect Prescription' documents the highs and lows of drug taking, and after being reissued so many times there are pretty much 6 different versions of the same album, the latest release tops them all though. The droney guitars contrast beautifully amongst subtle bass lines and dark, thoughtful lyrics.

I walked with Jesus and he would say
"Oh you poor child, you ain't comin' to me no way
You've found Heaven on Earth, gonna burn for your sin"
But I think I'll be in good company down there with all my friend

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

Two Tone Out Of Step

Will be celebrating the Specials two dates in Wolverhampton on the 9th with Guest DJ's from Tuesday's at Alchemy 'Ready Steady Go'.

Its Free before 9pm then £1 entry after 9
We are also bringing back the free mix cd full of modern and classic ska track's mixed by Out of step Dj's.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

High School Record Directed by Ben Wolfinsohn

Stumbled across this off the wall comedy documentary via face-book. It stars most of the L.A's famous Smell roster, from the likes of No Age,Mika Miko,Lavender Diamond and The Minuteman.I've only seen the trailer but when i get hold of a copy of this rad flick I'll post a review up.

"HIGH SCHOOL RECORD follows four awkward 17-year-olds as they struggle through their senior year. Like most high school students, they ride a continual wave of embarrassment: crappy after-school jobs, attempted sex in the science room, tinfoil shorts, guitar-strumming hippie teachers and brushes with the law. The only difference is that their moments of humiliation are all caught on tape -- our gang of four are the subjects of a documentary shot by fellow classmates"

More info

New No Age Video directed by Gil Kenan

Taken from the E.p Losing Feeling this slow tempo shoe-gaze number has a brilliant Video to go along with the tune.

Life through the eyes of a mouse its almost like a homage to Roal Doal's 'Withces'