Saturday, 24 September 2011

Male Bonding Endless Now winners

Here are the winners from the draw to win a copy of Male Bondings 'Endless now'.

Chris East
Raj Kaur
Peter Glover 

Max Mead
Anna Salisbury
Jamie Edwards
Thomas Mew
Rebecca Shales
David Malys
Ken Bennison 

You will be able to pick up your copy on the door.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Q and A with Swim Deep

Swim Deep hail from Birmingham and make chilled out good vibes that bring the beach and sunshine to the Midlands. Think Wavves meets Summer Camp and your almost there. We caught up with them for a Q and A before catching them at the Male Bonding show.
How did Swim Deep come about?
Me and wolfgang spent our time in our frees at college smoking weed talking about how it would be dope to be in a band, in a girl etc,
So we talked about it and then we sang about it.

For a band based in the West Midlands where did the fascination for the beach and waves come from?
We want to escape this Midlands/English bullshit, and who doesn't? no one wants to be in the fucking rain, none of us can surf, only one of us has a tan, and thats heridetry, we just dream of that kinda shit man, not waiting at a bus stop without encountering some dying old bloke on search for a nicotine rush. We wanna get away, far away.

Musically how does the writing process work? I understand you're very DIY with recordings using i-phones etc?
only one of us can afford an iphone man, but yeah, we write our music all together, usually someone, anyone, maybe austin, writes some gnarly riff then we all roll to that, if we had money we'd be fucking rich, but until then...

Favourite song in your set to play live and why?
We always love playing white witches, because its the end of the set and were all high of whatever, it goes down well, and we all go down well.

Future releases for Swim Deep?
We're recording all this bitter winter, with Dom Ganderton, a good mate of ours, we'l release that shit in jan/feb... expect some hazy crazy, were really looking forward to releasing the new vibezzzz. 

Bands to look out for?
there's a lot of dope music at the moment thats new to some much anticipated ears.. yuck, gross magic, te3th, blood orange, tribes and our bros peace and is tropical. OH and The Wanted fucking rule.

Skate or play music?
Skating is just one big fucking laugh, we dont take ourselves seriously at all there. wheras music, playing music, is euphoric. if your going to skate to any oozik though, its always jurassic 5.

Top 5 records that changed your life ( collectively or individually)
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Gaslight Anthem - Miles davies
Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock
Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
Buddy Holly - Everyday

Q and A with John J Presley

John J Presley plays raw garage blues. Part of the Cold rice collective Vinny and the Curse, this is John on his own, playing what sounds like The Oblivians fronted by Nick Cave, with some Tom Watts thrown in there.  We asked John a few questions; if you like a 'getting to know you' before he plays for us at the Male Bonding show.
When did the solo project start? How,when and why? 

I started playing on my own about 6 years ago when i was living in Liverpool, there was no where to rehearse as a band, so i just started writing on my own... I Picked up a guitar at a party and just so happened to play in front of a promoter and most of Liverpool's music scene..... I got a few good gigs

What's your main influence when it comes to writing?

Love and loss...

Want it, got it, got it, want it.

Will it be a full band or just yourself on the 27th, which one do prefer on your own or with a full band?

I'll be playing with my band
I do think i prefer playing with a band, more energy, more eye contact..

Favourite song in your set to play live and why?

Always the latest song....
More room for error, so quite tense to play

Future releases for you?

I've just recorded an album, so some time next year.

Bands to look out for?

Duke Garwood, the most amazing guitar player/Musician
The Brute Chorus, London based, played with them a few times, lovely guys...

Top 5 records that changed your life

I only can do this in 7:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - A Boatmans Call
Archie Bronson Outfit - Fur
The Black Keys - Thickfreakness
Duke Garwood - Holy Week
Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum
The Kills - Keep On Your Mean Side
Josh T Pearson - Last of the Country Gentleman

Take a listen to John J Presley 

Latest tracks by John J Presley

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Win a copy of Endless Now!

We have CD copies of Male Bondings amazing second album 'Endless Now' to give away to 10 lucky people.

To win simply buy a ticket for the show on the 27th September from the link HERE and we will then pick out ten names at random.

We will announce the winner's Saturday 24th September on Facebook and here.

For those who have already brought a ticket good luck!  If not then BE IN IT TO WIN IT.

There are still tickets available for the show from We Got

Good Luck!

Friday, 16 September 2011


We keep on finding so many rad bands right now and Slowcoaches are one of them we like. Coming from Leeds and playing messy lo-fi sounds. 

Forgive us but it's sounds like early Pavement but more rough in the best way possible. According to their blur,there is melody there, but you’ll have to go digging through a load of feedback, overdrive and wah’s before you find it. Download as much as you from the soundcloud page below.

Soundcloud page - HERE 
Facebook page - HERE

Roll on 27th 'Weeks not long'

Male Bonding "Year's Not Long" from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Total Slacker

They hail from New York and make the most interesting strummed out sounds. It's chilled out lo-fi goodness. They are also really big fans of Jurassic park. The debut LP 'Thrashin' will be out 26th September on Marshall Teller. Take a listen to the the single 'Secret VHS Collection' below and download 'Shitty baby'.

Total Slacker - Secret VHS Collection by Sixteen Tambourines Recs

TOTAL SLACKER - SHITTY BABY by Marshall Teller Records

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fawn Spots We Like

Creating some great noise right now and you can download Fawn Spots EP for free get it!

Latest tracks by Fawn Spots


Promo Vid For Male Bonding at The Victoria Brum

Loving Empire Records right now