Sunday, 28 February 2010


Im always on myspace looking for bands to play for Out Of Step and here are a few that i think are worth your ear's attention.

First up

Holy State

This Leed's based four-piece are creating a stuble blend of Shellac and early Fugazi sound's.
They have an E.p coming out on Holy Roar records which has brought out the likes of The Gallows and Danananankroyd.

Venice Ahoy

First track Fireworks is a hit for Foals and Maths Class fans.This Southampton bunch are epic live to.At the moment they are on tour with Wolverhampton's 'Your Biggest Fan Club' so try and catch em while you can.

Fresh Legs

Jumping from Friends to friends on bands myspace you can always tell allot about people and their friends and Venice Ahoy's friends Fresh Legs are the right kind friends that play lo-fi fuzzed out girl fronted punk.
The track 'Sexy so sexy' builds like Los Campesinos with much better vocals like that of Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Go get Julian e.p from I Tunes for a bargin of £2.49.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Two Thousand Trees Festival

The line up for this festival in Gloucestershire is getting better with every addition they make to it, I think you should all go as not only is it a great two days in a lovely setting with a good line up but it's also eco-friendly and unbranded. You can get tickets here. I went to the festival last year and it had a completely different atmosphere to any other festival I have been to. It's very relaxed and the campsite is moments away from the stage so you don't have to walk for miles to see each band. I also found that some of my favorite bands of the festival were the bands I hadn't heard mush of before (Imperial Leasure, Slow Club and Dananananaykroyd)

Make sure you keep 16th and 17th July free it's going to be a blast!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Heat and Light present Lo-fi bleep noise U.S Girls at The Victoria Birmingham this Sunday.
Along with support from Heatsick (Solo project of Steve Warwick from UK droners Birds Of Delay)

For more info go to the Blog HEAT AND LIGHT


Yes something is brewing with-in the Wolverhampton art scene i feel at the moment people are trying to make or dare i say it, but a scene in this small city (at long last people on the same wave length)

For those who have ever been to the once Cut-Out Shop down in the custard Factory quart in Birmingham. You would now that the shop once boosted a wide range of brilliant Tee's, zine's, book's jewellery and print work's from established and up and coming illustrators. Well those involved in that have done a shop in Wolverhampton down on Victoria St.
It's all very D.I.Y and has some great tee's inside the shop.

They are currently stocking the Out of step zine and will keep doing so in the future. There is also a very Ltd run of Cd's from the 22 February show up for free so get there before they all go.

We Create say !


We Create* is a Social Enterprise that offers young people around the West Midlands the opportunity to gain access to qualifications and commercial experience in Fashion Design.

We Create* funds its running and development by retailing the designs its participants create.

We Create* runs a shop in Wolverhampton city centre on Victoria Street. The unit retails designs developed by local young designers and offers participants access to a design studio with commercial equipment and facilities.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Advantage - Out Of Step 22/02/2010

Advantage completed the line up for our relaunch with an individual brand of 'Brass Rock' full of energy and enthusiasm. You can certainly see why they are one of 2010's hottest acts according to the music press. If you haven't heard Advantage yet you should go and see them live or get hold of a copy of the EP Future Echos as words cannot fully explain the 'Brass Rock' sound.

Still Bust -Out Of Step 22/02/2010

Still Bust became the first ever band to take the stage for Out Of Step and played out of their skins for us. They mixed energy and passion from their music with humor in between, if you haven't heard it all ready you should buy their latest EP Oh Long Johnson from I tunes or the band themselves.

Out Of Step Monday 22nd February 2010

Monday saw the relaunch of Out Of Step with the addition of bands and the Zine, the night was a great success and we'd like to thank everyone who came!

Hot Club De Paris Photo Special

Here's a selection of the photo's Ben took at eclectic three-piece Hot Club De Paris' recent gig at the Rainbow in Birmingham. More pics and possibly a flick book to come in the next edition of the Out Of Step Zine which will be out in March.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010








Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Savant are a Birmingham based four-piece who exhibit an exciting and interesting sound coming from the midlands right now.
As i write this post the track 'Abe' is playing of their myspace straight away i hear all the good thing's of Good Shoes and the rolling tropical drumming of Abe Vigoda in their. Check them out live they have a few Birmingham dates coming up.
Take a look and hear from their myspace

Also worth checking out the band Blood Visions MYSPACE their is no music up on there but from their influences keep an ear to the ground.

Come OVA!!

I was re-thinking my choice for the three records the other day and came to the conclusion i should of added the Australian folk- hop master's 'The Bumblebeez 81' record 'The Printz'.
I first heard about this 7 track E.p while reading the N.M.E on the bus on the way home from college.It read "The missing link between Public Enemy and Royal Trux". Both bands at the time i was totally obsessed with so it read well for to me to go hunt down this little E.p.

The Bumblebeez consist of two siblings brother Chris and sister Pia Colona (stage name Queen Vila) .The sound of the beez is very cut and paste mixing 8 bit computer game sound's,turntables,broken drums,guitars and pretty much anything.The track 'misfits' was made up on a Nintendo DS. There a real unique white trash sound.I think if your a fan of Beck go check them out.

Get hold of The pritz then check out 2007's Prince Umberto and the sister of Ill which has the awesome track's Black Dirt and Dr Love.

Dr Love


Come Ova

Pony Ride

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

FREE CD for 22nd FEB



ADVANTAGE -An aggressive mix of PopPunk, Dance and Rock held together with Horns. Advantage are in their element making you dance and getting your heart racing. This concoction of melodic vocals, massive punk riffs, fast-paced beats and blasting brass sounds unique, but its the energy, power, and unforgettable infectiousness with which the band attack that makes them stand out.
Advantage will get you pumped up, feeling alive, energetic and help shake off the day to day routine. Looking for a lift from manufactured pop and karaoke singers? Then today has something different, a more upbeat, positive side to the world of alternative music. Join the growing army of Advantagents! Plug in, turn up and let go. Advantage are here.
Get on the beat !

"A combination of a powerful brass section, driving riffs, furious percussion and a strong vocal trio, these were the hallmarks of their well constructed sound...." "It's like a chance meeting in a dancehall between Fallout boy and Less Than Jake!!"
- The Metro

"Awesome and Refreshing" KKKK
- Kerrang!

"an awesome and eclectic brand of Ska Pop Punk based anthems"
- Big Cheese Magazine

"Uniquely accessible and genuinely fun, it would take a very cold and cynical person, irrespective of musical tastes, not to get swept away by their infectious, up-tempo sound - However the real key to their success is the quality of their material รข€“ witty, well-written and expertly arranged their tracks are literally packed with hooks and unfold at a tremendous pace, delivered with really seen levels of showmanship and technical ability."
- BBC Radio 6 Introducing.

"one of the most energetic bands you could possibly hope to
have the pleasure of listening to.... a truly exciting EP"

"leaves you itching to put it on again"
- The Stafford Post

"if you want to hear a band in the ascendance, buy this"

"Tonight's headliners have one thing on their mind: having fun. From the moment Advantage grace the stage, a smile adorns this six faced behemoth. The crowd banter is entertaining ("You want to hear a story? No?") and the Brass fueled Pop punk is of high quality. Favourites 'Never Say Never' and 'Kick in the Beer Can' practically have the Underworld itself jumping. The audience emulates the band with equally as big smiles and some manic dancing. "

STILL BUST-A shock of exhilarating vocal dramatics and a ruckus of exploding, cavorting guitars is shot at you right from the word go. There are writhing and chaotic structures with just the right amount of power behind the reins to keep back from being experimental and well within the dark and filthy realms of Punk Rock.
The movement through the melody in unrealistically swift and with small pockets of experimental, extraordinary madness makes for an untiring set list: tune after tune! The vocal harmonies also are a complete riot. They sound more marching call than serenading with is a perfect fit.

With such mutinous music it is a shock to the system as the drums cease their rupture and they guys come across with their friendly and completely inoffensive, self-deprecating on-stage humor – rowdy Punk bands are never this nice. This attitude actually says a lot for Stillbust’s music as well. It’s raw and angry but with a great sense of fun, this makes for a brilliant live performance. Europe have been lucky, lucky people.
U21s require ID to purchase alcohol.
U14s must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.



Thursday, 11 February 2010


We have are own night playing the heard and the unheard at Birmingham Island Bar from Thursday 1st April.

With dj's playing alternative/electronica/shoe-gaze and punk.
Free CD'S
Free zine
Free entry

Wednesday, 10 February 2010



With La La Vasquez

For people unaware of you how would you describe the sound of La La Vasquez?
It's always a bit difficult describing your own sound as we don't try to sound a particular way, it's just the product of the three of us working together. You would have to listen to us to know what we sound like, but i guess for the sake of the interview we sound a bit fuzzy, a bit post-punk, a bit 60s garage. I have also been told that we sound slightly haunting, which i think is pretty cool. We are also labelled 'DIY' but we cant hep being 'DIY' or whatever as we are 'Doing It' ourselves it, isn't contrived or forced it wasn't a decision, we just do what we do....

There’s not much info at present about yourselves, could you tell us how you all meet, how it all came about and also where the name came from? Well we are great, that is all you need to know. joke. We met in Brighton, we met through friends/boyfriends going to gigs and we just thought it would be fun to hang out more and forming a band would make it almost compulsory. Band practices at the beginning used to consist of a lot of booze.. party vibes. Now I guess we actually want to try and be half decent so we spend band practice writing. We are named after the American WAG La La Vasquez, she is engaged to a basketball player (i think). We made a joke of our boyfriends being in bands together. It's also pretty funny seeing people try to pronounce it. For the record it's 'Vas-Kez'.

I read on your myspace you’re big fans of L7 what other influences do La La Vasquez have?yea, that is a quote, we never said that, but L7 are cool. I guess girl punk in general is an influence for us, especially in the inspirational sense. I think people think that we are influenced by what we sound like, but we do listen to other stuff too I mean who isn't a fan of The Ramones, The Black Lips, Ariel Pink, The Misfits etc. I mean we can't change the fact that we have girl voices and therefore sound like other girl bands.

You're just about to go on tour with ‘Girls names’ and a great band to. How have you found the life of being in a band and on tour treating you so far? Well tour hasn't started yet, so we will have to wait and see what that is like. I really don't think they know what they are letting themselves in for.. going on tour with us! ha We have done a mini tour with T.I.T.S before and that was so much fun. We are also going on a UK & EU tour in June with another band that we LOVE it's important to like the band that you are going away with. A band that wants to ride the party train!

At the moment there seems to be this great scene springing up with-in the London and Brighton area that could rival that of L.A’s the Smell with bands such as Pens, Graffiti Island ,Male Bonding etc how do you guy’s feel about being part of that community? I don't think there is any rivalry between LA and London/Brighton. I like to think that if there was no sea we would be hanging out. It's nice to play with bands that you like, everyone is very supportive and we are good friends with them.

The last zine we asked “What are the three records that changed or inspired your life?” What are your three? Ok let's have one each:

Rachael: Francines list - by Pink Section, Turn him down - by The Cupons, .Marin - by Inflatable Boy Clams.

Merida: Hole - Live Through This, Kleenex/LiliPUT

Freya: This is blatant cheating but i would have to say the rough trade Post-Punk Compilation.

Cheers speak soon


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Here is the new video from the beautiful Annie Clark aka St Vincent.
Track is called 'Laughing with a mouth of blood" and is taken from last year's awesome Actor L.p.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Keep it local

We always seem to talk about U.S and London based bands all the time but we should look closer to home and so should you.Most bands from Wolverhampton would like to be Shed Seven or Oasis,it's like lad rock never happened in this town.

These two bands are worth your ears attention

In March we have Wolverhampton/Birmingham based 'Joyous' a five piece upbeat indie band.

Quote from band
"Hailing from three sides of Birmingham (and two of Wolverhampton), we are Joyous.
We push to make sounds that make the muscles in your head move. Formed in early 2009, bound by and obscene tendency to overexert, we have since been steaming up practice rooms and stages around the west midlands"

For more info
In April we hope to have Telford based band 'Decadence In Berlin'.
From playing the tracks from their myspace they have a Los Campesinos style with a touch of The Fall thrown in to.


Like Paul Simon but you know more punk

Fair Ohs a London band that take more influences from Paul Simon's Grace Land then Vampire weekend do. A cross blend of Abe Vigoda with-out the shoe-gaze fuzz.
Check out there myspace below

Great piece in Loud And Quiet

Disposable noise pop songs

Girls Names hailing from Belfast are less pop then there name suggests. There sound is lo-fi surf but with lead singer Cathal T Cully almost bringing a bleak Ian Curtis drone to the mic. This sounds like a breathe of fresh air compared to so many surf ,tropical fun fun punk bands going around right now.
Check out the myspace

Next Zine

The next zine will be a Q and A zine with a few artists and bands local and out of town.

Will be out March 15th

Friday, 5 February 2010


We are sucker's for lo-fi noise at Out of step.At the moment Leeds based Wonderswan have been gathering interest to our ears and soon yours .
There sounds is similar for fan's of 'Times New Viking' and very early 'Pavement' so if you like the sound of that then you can download two tracks of Last FM

Last Fm Blurb
"Wonderswan was conceived early in 2008 in a dark, damp basement in Leeds, UK and incubated in a warm pouch by the radiant glow of a shared love for scuzzy 90s lo-fi slacker bands. The fledgling creature hatched in April with the addition of drummer G.E.D who heard the youngster crying out with hunger as he floated by attached to some helium balloons. With the additional nourishment of his frantic c86 style drummings, Wonderswan quickly matured and soon found itself performing alongside some of its own favourite bands, including Times New Viking, No Age, Copy Haho and Lovvers to name just a few. With a live reputation for playing their own songs far too fast, far too loud and falling over on the floor, Wonderswan are carving a niche as the planet Earth’s most ramshackle/charming newcomers.

The band are currently writing and recording material to be released in the first few months of 2010."


There is a new demo just posted on L.A's Abe Vigoda's myspace titled 'Crush'.It's a drum roll driven affair. Still staying melodic in part's like the track's from the E.p 'Reviver'.
The album according to Pitchfork will be out mid year with a tour sounds epic check them out.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


First it was my unhealthy obsession with Bikini Kill and Mika Miko then The Vivian Girls but with Mika Miko splitting there are two great female led riot girls ethic to take the pain away and they are Brilliant Colors and Grass Widow.

A three piece punk/lo-fi all girl group from San Francisco. For fans of Electrelane when they have that hint of Joy Division with-in the album 'No shouts no call's'.
There debut 'Introducing' is out now on Slumberland Records

There are alot of great bands like this Grass Widow another all girl punk band with hint of eraly R.e.m IRS years sound. Think Vivian Girls meet's Sleeper and i think i am almost there.


22nd Aug Alchemy Bar Wolverhampton

U21s require ID to purchase alcohol.

U14s must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.