Friday, 24 July 2009

The digital age

I have been mourning the death of the album with the increase in popularity of digital downloads and the lack of independant record stores. I have never purchased a song digitally because i much prefer to get an album as a whole, the booklet, artwork, CD. I believe all this is what makes a record exciting and individual. I also buy vinyls for the same reason. With all this in mind, i thought id make a breif review of my favourite album influenced by all these aspects.

Radiohead - Ok Computer

Maybe the greatest album ever, it is a beautifully dark dystopian record. From the bleak lyrics that deal with the emptiness of living in this modern world to the fantastic artwork throughout the booklet. Everything about this album ties in to the same ideas in powerful ways. Even the lyrics to 'Airbag' are cleverly in the shape of a tank in the booklet. Musically the album is ahead of its time, still sounding like its come from the future (something that cant be said of most Britsh music of the 90's) due to amazing production from Nigel Godrich.

"Transport. Motorways & Tramlines. Starting and Then Stopping. Taking Off & Landing. The Emptiest Of Feelings" - Let Down

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