Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Northwestern

The Northwestern are a London band that features ex-Hope Of The States singer Sam Herlihy whose lyrical and vocal talent sound as good as they did those many moons ago. The drummer is also from the same band. The Northwestern still have vauge similarities to the Hope Of The States which is inevitable really, However these songs are a lot more feel good and accessable.

The have released one single to date on July 15th on a 500 Limited Edition 7-Inch. Double A-Side Telephones/All The Ones. All The Ones is a poppy tunes including 'na na na's' somethign so far away from what Sam Herlihy has done before. Telephones is a feel good song, perfect to soundtrack a city at night.

You cant catch them at many live dates around the country this month, if you miss them i wouldnt be too worried as they keep touring at the moment. They also support the Editors at the 02 Academy on September 10th.

The Northwestern Myspace

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