Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Milk Maid - Yucca

Milk Maid are from Manchester and a breath of fresh air in a sincere DIY way.
There debut 'Yucca' is out via Mazes Jack Cooper's label 'Suffering Juckbox" and 'Fat Cat" next week. For fan's of Nine Black Apls this is for you due to the main vocals being by Martin Cohen the former bass player.

Cohen recorded all the track's in he's flat so you can't get anymore lo-fi then that without trying.I'm sure  many will compare this to the Southern drenched sound's of Black Lips but for me Milk Maid stand alone with their Northern charm. Like Spectrals it's honest and to the point and sure to be a Summer long player.

Yucca is out Next week
More info - Blog 

Not Me by Milk Maid

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