Monday, 6 June 2011

Not Cool downloads!! 1 down 14 more to come..

NOT COOL  - Way South, South East by Marshall Teller Records

London's finest Not Cool are putting out all their recordings pre 'Rugged Raw' which you can now get on I Tunes. The Pavement cover and the brilliant 'Man Up' are personal fav's.According to Marshall Teller records site there are 14 more to come so keep on the down load.

1. Limbs are For Liars – IBB/Paradise Vendors 12” Split
2. Desks – Unreleased
3. Sneaks – Unreleased
4. Flags of Various Nations – Unreleased
5. Dead Kid City (original version) – Unreleased
6. Wonderful Beasts – 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
7. The Bell Curve – 7” B-Side Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
8. Um, You Didn’t Do That in Soundcheck – 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
9. Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (Minutemen Cover)
10. Flux=Rad (Pavement Cover)
11. Man Up – Unreleased
12. Certainly The End of Something or Other – Unreleased
13. Live Song
14. Live Song
15. Way South, South East – 7” Split with Dignan Porch, Cheatahs and Colours released by Marshall Teller Records 

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