Thursday, 6 October 2011

Retired to stud

London trio Not Cool have called it a day. Yesterday on the bands facebook page they announced the following split

Due to various circumstances including personal development, self loathing and various godly epiphanies we have decided to ‘call it a day,’ quit, split etc. We would like to thank everyone who put our songs out, bought a record, paid to see us play, shrugged their shoulders, said kind words or danced to our music.
We’ve been banging our heads against a wall for tooooooo long.
On Friday 18th of November we’ll be playing our final show. Details to follow.
Many Thanks
Matthew J Gilbert, Andrew Moran and William J. Riley’

Not Cool were our first London band who were willing to travel to sunny Wolverhampton and play one of the best set's we have ever seen. Rugged Raw is an outstanding seven track e.p that hit more of a chord with us  then anything we heard coming out of London at that time, It was just more honest and humble. You all need that record in your life. 
Having influences from a far as MF Doom to Pavement Not Cool are cool.
See you dudes on the 18th November.

“The boy’s are on the town”

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