Monday, 5 October 2009

2000's: A Retrospective

A Very Brief Overview
The end of a decade, a chance to look back with much nostalgia and a big smile. Revisiting albums such as Kid A and Transatlanticism provoked a feeling of pride growing up in this era around some great music however it was soon crushed when i thought of how the 2000's kicked off with amazing albums from Sigur Ros and Radiohead only to pave way for the american Nu-Metal invasion. The saviours of the decade must be The Strokes with their seminal Is This It taking the whole of England by storm, reinstating faith into guitar music and killing nu-metal. It paved the way for the whole UK indie scene which soon exploded, giving us some great music. As always happens when a scene breaks you will get the record labels exploting it, signing up any 'indie' band such as 'The Others' regardless of talent. It soon became a bore. However amongst the bile and wonders of the internet came Arctic Monkeys, a bunch of lads from Sheffield who by the end of the decade have become the biggest band in Britain and also kept their integrity with 3 fantastic albums. The decade comes to a close and with a resurgence of experimental music with popular albums from Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Bat For Lashes, The Horrors and Arctic Monkeys it seems there is big hopes for the next decade.

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