Thursday, 29 October 2009

Kicking Against The Pricks: Nick Cave

Singing, Painting, Writing Films and Novels, Composing. Nick Cave is a breath of fresh air into the world of art where many bands churn out two albums before calling it day and disappearing into the great abyss. He has had great critical acclaim throughout his career from the dark, drug fuelled days of The Birthday Party to the 'Murder Ballads' of The Bad Seeds.
The Birthday Party

Nick Cave's first band to gain attention in the western world. Challenging post punk from the 80's, creating bleak and noisy soundscapes that provide the perfect setting for Cave's difficult, disturbing stories of religion, violence and perversity.
Highlight - Their seminal album 'Junkyard' is post punk at its darkest and most intriguing.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Formed after the demise of The Birthday Party due to the drug induced death of a member. The Bad Seeds is formed from the members of the former band and in their early albums the trademarks can still be heard. However The Bad Seeds evolved and grew into a diverse band that incorporates elements of folk, blues, country, gospel, post punk and soul. Nick Cave's lyrics range from poetical to the murderous. An extensive career that showcases aswell as great music the maturity of Nick Cave mastering his lyrics and vocals.

Highlight -
'The Boatman's Call' is Nick Cave laying his soul bare onto record accompanied by a piano. Recorded after his break up with PJ Harvey.

Nick Cave grows old discracefully with Grinderman, formed with members of The Bad Seeds. They showcase a much dirtier and rocky sound than his other band with songs such as the perverse 'No Pussy Blues'. They have one self-titled album however we can be expecting the follow up very soon.

Writings on his other notable work including novels, film scripts and compositions in the next blog.

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