Thursday, 5 November 2009

Spacemen 3

Jason Pierce (aka J Spaceman) and Peter Kember (aka Sonic Boom) in the 1980s created shoegaze before the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Ride popualrised it and mastered the art in the early 90's. Yes the former is the frontman of Spiritualized however Spacemen 3 put his latter band to shame. Their seminal and now reissued for the 6th time 'The Perfect Prescription' documents the highs and lows of drug taking, and after being reissued so many times there are pretty much 6 different versions of the same album, the latest release tops them all though. The droney guitars contrast beautifully amongst subtle bass lines and dark, thoughtful lyrics.

I walked with Jesus and he would say
"Oh you poor child, you ain't comin' to me no way
You've found Heaven on Earth, gonna burn for your sin"
But I think I'll be in good company down there with all my friend

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