Thursday, 26 November 2009



Hello all

Hope everyone is in good sprit and doing well at their chosen university or College.
We know it's hard to come back to wolves and even have to live here but believe me it ant all that bad.
To celebrate those who return !!!
We are having a "it's Christmas"(like Noddy Holder of Slade would say) christmas special.

but first please read this sad news

"this is the last ever out of step and Richard King's,he's of to France

"so be nice to know that someone gave a shit about people wanting to put something good on in this shit town"

The Night of Joy will contain from 9pm ok it's £1 in but you get loads of free stuff plus we have never charged before..

-if you wear a classic Christmas jumper you get a free shot of Corkys-

-secret Santa gifts for all, farther Christmas himself

-Guest Dj SANTA

-free mulled wine,

-free best of 09 cd(this time it will play like a normal cd not just one track mix)

-home alone 2,its a wonderful life and other christmas films from the past projected onto the dance-floor

very cheap alcohol is what everyone want's today so

bottle of red/white wine £6 bottle
carling beer £2 pint
san miguel bottle £1.50
vk any flavour £1.50
corky shot's £1
christmas cocktails £3.50 each or two for £6

"you can always go to the varsity,royal or anywhere else if you want on a Monday but we thought we'd let you know about it"

If Noddy Holder does turn up that would be an added bonus

Below a fine example of what we want to see for your free corky's shot

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