Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hear No Musical Evil

We first meet Ben Adsett for the Fresher's night we did for Wolverhampton Uni he's instant love for Black Flag was all he needed for him to be part of Out Of Step.
Ben does this radio show for Kic Fm a little student run radio station in the quiet leafy area of Compton.
From 11.00 am till 1.30pm Ben plays moderately unsigned and unheard band's from punk, ska , indie and everything in-between .I went onto the show for a part called 'sound-clash' where you had to pick tracks from a range of categories.
They where chill out track,cover's track, something new,party starter and currently listening to.
The show was mostly spent by pure banter about The Cribs and Wakefield ,lord knows why?
Richard King is next up so listen to the show via the webpage.

im on the 5th December slot

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