Monday, 18 January 2010

25th Jan cancelled 22nd Feb is on still

Due to reason beyond our control we feel it would be wrong to go ahead with out of step next Monday.It has been a hectic January along with doing the zine which has seemed to have taken up most of my own time to do.I have had no time to promote the 25th at all.

The 22nd February will be the first of the year.We have already two bands that have said yes to playing so keep your eyes on the blog for further info.

The zine will be out for FREE yes free in all local record shops,comic shop's and good bar's around the Midlands,London and wherever else will have it in the area...

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Graham said...

Ahhh! Blow, I was gonna come down and get drunk as it was my birthday. Instead I will have to sit at home and cry myself to sleep.

Will the zine still be available from 25th, or is that being held back to Feb?