Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Long Neck Tribe

Do you like The Cramps?
if you do then you will love London based lo-fi,punk with a touch of the tropical vibes the Slits had.I'm talking about 'Graffiti Island'.
They are relatively unknown outside the London area music scene but are getting a bigger fan base and more play's on Last FM as each day goes by.

"Graffiti Island are three twentysomethings from East London who were all so bored of what was being played at the shows they were attending they decided they may as well start playing some music they actually liked. Their simplistic, lo-fi approach has garnered comparisons to early K Records acts such as the Beat Happening but between Conan Roberts string work on bass and guitar, drummer Cherise Payne’s propulsive rhythmic counterpoints and lead singer Pete Dee’s deadpan, pop-culture soaked delivery they offer something wholly original to be cherished in these meager times."
Last FM Blurb

With lines like "i'd like some shrunken head earrings" and "i want a pipe made from the bones of a man's pinky finger, ooo i like the sound of that.",what more can you ask for.

Listen to the record here MYSPACE

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