Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Boat To Row @ Out Of Step 24th May 2010

Boat To Row are a band who have attracted a lot of attention from local music writers in the last few months, this attention added an extra level of anticipation and expectation to the set. As they took the stage and started to play the opening track I knew this attention was more than deserved the individual style this four-piece has blends traditional folk with other aspects of acoustic music with comparisons to both Fiona Regan and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly made by other journalists I wasn't sure how they would work but they do work perfectly as a live act.

I'm scarred at how many of the local bands that Out Of Step admires have members of BTR involved and even more scary is how young these guys are. The maturity they show in the music they make is amazing and the instrumental balance created throughout makes live sets a pleasure to watch.

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