Thursday, 6 May 2010


So far we have had mostly Punk, Indie or Alternative bands play at Out Of Step with our ears left ringing by the end of the night.This May we bring you a more subtle blend of Folk.Yes folk people.We have the Brilliant Aspen Sails,Jim Lockey And the Solemn Sun and now just added we have 'Boat To Row'.
You may now Boat To Row due to both Michael and Ben playing in Bronze Medals and Youves.

Guitarist in Birmingham Punk/New Wavers, Youves Michael King has embarked on a side project under the moniker Boat To Row, where his songwriting & performing talents have really been placed on show.
Michael’s knack of writing great lyrics, coupled with a good old fashioned sense of real heart-lifting melodies is a breath of fresh air in a scene where the majority of singer-songwriters opt for the easy option of moaning about lost love.

Go download the brilliant E.p 'The Young And Quirky' from I tunes

May 24th Alchemy bar Wolverhampton

£2 on the door
Free Out Of Step Zine and CD

Aspen Sails
Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun
Boat to Row

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