Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pavement's first show at Brixton Academy

They played

'Silence Kit'
'Box Elder'
'Father To A Sister of Thought'
'Shady Lane'
'In The Mouth A Desert'
'Gold Soundz'
'Summer Babe'
'Kennel District'
'No Life Singed Her'
'Fight This Generation'
'Range Life'
'Two States'
'Trigger Cut'
'Starlings of the Slipstream'
'Spizzle Trunk'
'Spit On A Stranger'
'Elevate Me Later'
'Rattled By The Rush'
'Cut Your Hair'
'We Dance'
'Date w/ IKEA'
'Debris Slide'
'Give It A Day'
'Stop Breathin''
'Conduit For Sale!'

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