Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Check Out Time USA

The last few check out time's have focused on great bands from the UK and have showcased some of the best bands the midlands has to offer. Today I'm going to introduce you to the great bands on US label Paper + Plastic.

I'm going to start with
Paper + Plastic as they share our ethics by making great DIY records and covering them in amazing artwork. It makes a refreshing change for a record company to take the artwork as seriously as the music and they produce some beautiful album covers and picture disks. Band's to look out for on this label are:

Failures Union - Bringing a fantastic blend of punk rock,folk and alt country powerful vocals and a great retro feel.
Cheap Girls - Lo-Fi retro-punk with hints of alt country and folk, this band sound as good acoustic as they do electric.
Coffee Project - Individual acoustic punk two piece, pairing harmonies with trumpets and no percussion.
Spanish Gamble - Angry loud and witty
Gatorface - Aggressive melodic hardcore punk pop

These are just a few of the great bands this label has to offer I could go on all day as there are so many amazing acts signed to this label. The full roster of artists/designers and bands/recording artists can be found here

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