Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Let's all give you the Heebie Jeebies,really the band from Rotherham. Lately the weather has been dull and right now you need a massive pick me up and i think this band is the answer to your worries.A great mix of sound's think Artic Monkey's (and yes maybe it's a Sheffield thing),Vampire Weekend and Thee Fair Ohs punk and your there.

From there myspace

The HeebieJeebies are a trio of Hot Boys from Rotherham who specialise in fruity Beefheart beats, calypso rhythms and west coast noise flex. Collectively, they bring to the mix; the fragmented sounds of haunted African tribes, post-punk dream-wishes and infamous death parties. The Heebie fuckin’ Jeebies are currently busy plotting yet more mystical happenings, developing tropical venom to spit in the eye of the establishment, and various ways they can legally loot pound shops. Bring your old toys, bring your felt tips, bring loads of fuzzy felt, bring your friends and join in the vibe!!! by Gentleman Thomas Maxwell Shore Esquire.

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