Sunday, 21 March 2010


I will be the first to admit to anyone that i love Hardcore . Yes i have a problem, it's just that i can't not get enough of it.

Hardcore punk for me is the best thing in the world the pure anger,truth and passion that the music evokes is why i love it so.
Black Flack you should all know and have on your I pod is one of my favourite of the Hardcore DC 80's scene.Two band's both from Liverpool are ridding the core of hard wave that Black Flag had right now.


Remember when you first heard TV party and Six Pack by Black Flag and you just thought man this guy's just shout about my life pretty much well Cold Ones are in that same realm.
The two E.p's you can download for free on their Myspace are a straight up mix of Gorilla Biscuit and Black Flag sound's.And is simply RAD to skate,walk,run or drink to. Have a cold one on us!.


Taking more influences from metal hardcore bands such as Cro Mag's and Agonistic Front.SSS are pure straight up. The heavy metal guitar riffs the charging drum-rolls that slap you hard in the face will make you call to arm's.Even the art work is a nod to that of Raymond Pettibon ink master pieces.

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