Sunday, 14 March 2010


Well it's Mothers day and if you haven't got your old lady
anything good then maybe you should get her a record by one of the following bands below?That's if you can get hold of their stuff that is.If you do im sure a CD-R will be good enough.

First up on the check out time list

The Racket

Real lo-fi shitgaze punk band from London.There really obsessed with The Ramones so that's a good start.
Taken of their myspace in their own words

"When boy meets girl, or girl meets boy, there is only one certainty... Boy will eventually leave girl, or girl will eventually leave boy. Rather than get angry about this situation The Racket decided to steal all The Ramones records they could get their hands on, 'borrow' old electric guitars from ex-lovers and write a whole load of songs about romance, ice cream and artistic exhibitions.Sometimes they play in other bands, sometimes they put on club nights and sometimes they even write Middle 8s.

One day they will play a gig, they will dress with style and wit, and probably break your heart just a little bit. But that's ok you wouldn't want to marry The Racket anyway. It's a holiday romance thing, a Friday night house party thing, a rebound thing. Going steady just isn't their way."

Second up
Bronze Medal's.

This Birmingham three-piece are playing at Out Of Step this month and were all looking forward to them. Having a hearty mix of Minus the Bear and Good Shoes angular guitar sounds their track's up on their myspace are a joy to the ears.

Third up
Ice Sea Dead People

Names of bands can be really shit but i think Ice Sea Dead People has to be my favourite band name i have heard in a long while and i can think of a thousand flyer/poster illustration idea's when they get round to playing at Out Of Step. Their sound is early Q and not U and Foals with-out the math style punk.

Zane Lowe - BBC Radio One (well if he think's it,so should you)

And last up
Cajole Cajole

The thing with Wolverhampton is everyone want's to be The Twang and think that 1995 never happened for some strange reason. Wolverhampton's own Cajole Cajole are a real breathe of fresh air in the Midlands indie scene right now. They have been describe by many as 'Strokes fronted by Ryhs Jones of Good Shoes.
The track 'over the landscapes' sounds like the Maccabees before they went all shit.
And there playing Out Of Step on 29th March so you have to come see them before they head of into the big wide world of N.M.E cover's.

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