Friday, 30 April 2010

Advantage Double A Side Out on Sunday

Our good friends Advantage are releasing a single this week. The Double A side is available for download on Sunday. They asked me to review the single for them so I did the review is below.


Double A side

The Beat (Get Up)

Wait Is This Love?

The new double A side single from Midlands Brass Rockers arrived with me this week. From the opening of the first track you can tell the band mean business. The Feedback in the opening shows a DIY influence that has not always been obvious in the previous EP releases. The fast furious style this track continues with makes it hard to notice how high the level of musicianship is on the first listen but with a few listens you will notice that this is a great example of how good this band are individually. In turn the combination of the high level of musical skill throughout the band makes an eclectic and unrivaled sound.

After the opener I was unsure to why this single was a double A side as I assumed the second could not be as good. This was until the brass opening and carnival style intro of ‘Wait, is this love?’ there is a real summer feel to the track making it perfect for the increasingly good weather. The brass lines add focus to the guitar driven sound and the driven, deep bass and tight drum lines add a perfect balance.

Musically this double A side is one of the finest examples of how Advantage’s diverse influences make Brass Rock very different to the Ska Punk genre they are often pigeon-holed into. The Brass section adds real emphasis to the guitar driven sound and the harmonic backing vocals give each track a vast level of depth.

Both tracks here are stand out tracks from the live performances I have seen from this band and the live energy is very close to being captured in these recordings. If you haven’t heard anything by Advantage yet I would recommend this as your perfect starting point.

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