Sunday, 4 April 2010

We Fun Atlanta

Scrolling through the Pitchfork Tv i came across the one week only feature on this amazing documentary directed by Matthew Robinson.It follows
The Black Lips, Deerhunter, Gaye Blades, Coathangers, Mastodon, Bobby & The Soft Spots, West End Motel, King Khan & BBQ Show, Mark Sultan, The Coathangers, The Subsonics, Gringo Starr, Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction, Fiend Without a Face, The Frantic, The Carbonas, Baby Shakes, The Spooks, Demon's Claws, King Khan & The Shrines, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Anna Kramer, Herb Harris, Jason Harris, CPC Gang Bangs, Atlas Sound, Fe Fi Fo Fums, Old King Cole Younger The Lids, Snowden, The Spaceshits, The Mighty Hannibal, The Orphins, Thee Crucials, The Selmanaires, Rizzudo, Beat Beat Beat, Saba Lou, The Alphabets, Wet Dreams, Gentleman Jesse, The Lids, The Liverhearts, Knife & the 4th Ward Daggers, Mourdella, Each and Every Member of the Death Cult. Snowden, Mastodon, Hubcap City, West End Motel and the late great Jay Reatard

It's beautifully shot and has great insight into the way in which a new cultural scene inspired by the 60's garage rock has come from all the bands just continuously playing all the time in bar's,club's,their friends house party or just simply anywhere.
The live clip's of Black Lips is simply epic,nothing better then watching a band that play better when they sweet like their in Hell. It's a honest portrait of what band's can do and what not to do i.e just get stuck in the same city playing the same show's and calling that a tour.

"I was never afraid of being a little bit boring" Braford Cox

You can stream it all now on Pitchfork online

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