Monday, 5 April 2010


Gun Outfit consist of the sound's of four of my most favourite bands,they are Silver Jews,Husker Du, Dinosaur JR and The Meat Puppets. The LA three piece are already creating a buzz state side with their debut L.P 'Dim Light'. After being tuned onto them by John Arthur Webb of Male Bonding during a Q and A with the man he highly recommended them.
Dim Light is a record that start's slow and builds in parts with Steve Malkmus guitar style parts, lo-fi grunge similar to that of Nirvana's Bleach and with a shimmer of reckless americana hope.
The track 'Guilt and regret' should be played during a long road trip.

You can get the l.p now on I Tunes or on PPM Records


Anonymous said...

From Olympia.

christiannn said...

from olympia

Rose said...

i like! this! and! your blog!