Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Good Shoes,Is Tropical,Cajole Cajole and Barefoot

I have met many lead singers of band's before but no one as nice as Rhys from Good shoes.We were able to interview him for zine *3.For more on that look out for the zine due out later this week.
The line up for the night was not bad at all.I was really looking forward to seeing Cajole Cajole again and Is Tropical

Barefoot we are on first good friends of November and The Criminal. The Worster five piece have a tropical afro beat sound from the first few song's played. Eventually style over substance took over with my only real interest in asking the question "is the lead singer wearing a Adidas dress?"Their sound is that of any other typical lad indie band which is a shame really because i feel they all could play collectively very well.I think with time Barefoot could be something interesting.

Cajole Cajole are three guy's from Wolverhampton. And sound more better as their gigs go on. Their sound has become more bigger and they look more confident on stage then when i first saw them last month.A much more tighter set ending with the brilliant 'Over the landscapes'

Is Tropical

A band wearing mask on stage is always eye catching. They almost have that Brazilian gang look nailed down to a t. Their sound is really dark live electronica with a funky early Rapture sound.
If anything seeing the drummer play the bassist bass by hitting the string's as he played made my night.Go scope out their myspace

Good Shoes

After chatting to Rhys he didn't seem that optimistic about the turn out of the night. But everyone in the Wolverhampton indie scene was out in full force. After touring and playing live for four years now Good Shoes are a band that i never getting bored of seeing or hearing. Lyrically their the perfect band to break up to and have doubts about life after finishing Uni so for me i love them even more. Tonight much is played of their latest offering 'No Hope No Future'. Stand out track's are hearing the crowd sing back the chorus to 'Ice Age' and the latest single 'The way my heart beat's'.

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