Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wavves Line up to make real waves this summer

I just got hold of a copy of the new Wavves L.p 'King Of the beach'. With-in the first few tracks of the record i can hear a real mature and talented Nathan William's.The record was not done like the fist two in Nathan's bedroom on a 12 track recorder. Their is that lo-fi Wavves sound but less and in some track's really surfed out smooth.
The track 'Idiot' pretty much sum's up Nathan's public break down at the Pitchfork fest, he sing's "I'm not supposed to be a kid,but I'm an idiot,i say I'm sorry but it wouldn't mean shit".He's lyric's are raw and honest and the added bass on track's by Jay Retards ex bass player Stephen Pope make all the track's more rounded. Watching recent interviews with all the band both drummer (Billy Hayes who is a rad drummer from Jay Retard) and Stephen Pope i think have guided young Nathan to a better place. Billy Hayes was saying about the first two L.p's "You can not make just noise about skating and eating pizza when you hit 35,you gotta grow up". I can not wait to see Wavves tour this summer in the UK and further more hear track's played with a full band from the first two L'p's.

The new record comes on on 10th August.


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