Thursday, 3 June 2010

It's Just Noise presents 'Thee Oh Sees' At The Basement Birmingham

Have you ever been to the Basement in Birmingham,its amazing it's like this great little New York bar hidden away.It has a jukebox with some of the greatest Blues,punk and indie track's i have seen and the interior looks like it's come straight from the 70's. Tonight 'It's Just Noise' brought us San Francisco finest 'Thee Oh Sees' in this small imitate venue.

The night started with Midlands based A Degree of Murder

Three men that play straight up hard garage punk. Taking there name from Brian Jones soundtrack to the Film of the same name. This band at first i feared would be more into how good they looked then how they sounded. I was wrong you can hear in their sound 'The Sonics', 'Shadows of the Night,'Monks' and in part's early Bleach Nirvana especially with the drumming and bass.Look out for more show's by them.

Second up Sex Beet from London

This band really don't care and their sound is clumsy and brash.But you fall in love with their jangly Wavves and Beach Boys inspired sound.There set was short and from what i could hear there seemed to be a few covers on the night.

You know when you read and see the show's they put on in the Smell in LA where the crowd are right on top of Mika Miko and all the kids in the pitures are having the best time of their lives well that was pretty much what it was like.
Lead singer John Dwyer brought everything forward to the masses.I was left kneeling on the arm of the sofa watching and grinning the whole way trough. From the first song of 'Help' the drum driving 'Enemy Destruct' the place was alight with dancing on the spot. Sweat and a great set.

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