Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Out Of Step Presents Maycomb, Lock and Keys and Still Bust

On a night were punk was represented in a number of styles we were gutted that Norwich based Lit-core act Dorian Gay couldn’t make it however we will be sure to put a show with them very soon.

The night started in a raucous fashion with Cheltenham based Still Bust playing their individual ska and hardcore inspired brand of punkrock. Which initially scared the audience off to a safe distance but as the band continued the audience moved closer in appreciation of the set. Still Bust are a band who embody the same DIY ethic of Out Of Step and as they graced the stage for a second time they played their hearts out for us.

Still Bust debuted some new material for us along with tracks from their EP ‘Oh Long Johnson’ before finishing with one of the most intense tracks Out Of Step has seen which was even more impressive due to a broken mic stand being held by an audience member.

After Still Bust it was the turn of Leeds based The lock and Keys who from the off wowed the crowd with their emotional brand of pop punk. Musically the band was tight and the keyboard complimented the guitars perfectly adding a depth to their live sound. Vocally the complex harmonies balanced on a knife edge between male and female and worked beautifully.

Around half way through the set the bass amp blew causing all kinds of confusion which was filled by entertaining ramblings from the band and less entertaining ramblings from the audience before the band played a few tracks without the bass. Stillbust arrived in the nick of time to save the day with a fresh bass amp and the night was saved by the last few energetic songs of the set.

As Maycomb took the stage they had the air of hometown heroes the room was packed and they entered the stage with a certain sense of bravado. Which within moments pf the start of the set seemed completely valid as they hammered through the intense set. The crowd were whipped into a frenzy and all eyes include those of fans from the Blondie show who were slowly entering the venue were on the Maycomb and the three pronged attack delivered by the vocals on the front line.

The drumming was tight and led the band in every track they conquered; as the set progressed the band humbly thanked the audience at every possible opportunity and seemed genuinely grateful to every person in attendance. The audience responded with generous applause and the atmosphere was fantastic with both band and audience seeming to enjoy the show equally.

As with every Out Of Step show the credit deservedly should go to the audience, Still Bust, The Lock and Keys and Maycomb as without them and their efforts Out Of Step could not exist.

Video of the show can be found here


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