Sunday, 13 June 2010

Only Animals

The future is gonna be awful according to lead singer Oliver Catt of Only Animals. I think he maybe right there? Their track's on their myspace have a cross blend of early Coxon,Wavves and Black Lips. They are straight up and to the point with songs dealing with everyday doubt and getting drunk and no their not the next Black Flag.

From them
"Basically, we are a band that formed out of a side project following the collapse of another band. Sad I know. We pretty much just recorded a bunch of songs, put out an EP, booked a load of gigs and will now be playing a lot of shows in very little time. I hope you enjoy what we do and that you come and see us at least once. Time is a factor. Further education will come calling soon."

We are putting a show on with Only Animals in late August or September at The Basement bar Birmingham.

You can download their E.p 'Antler Thief'

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