Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chapter Sweetheart

We are always harassing bands to play at Out of step. Very rarely do good bands approach us that are not from Wolverhampton trying to be the next Twang.
I got this lovely little message left on our myspace from London based Chapter Sweetheart. and apparently one of them is from Wolverhampton.

It Read "heya, just noticed your putting our good mates not cool on for a show in aug, im from wolves and aint heard of you guys doing this sort of night and it sounds ace would love it if you would consider us one time"

My reply to this was YES!.
They are a great noise pop group with many influences ranging from The Fall,Minutemen,Make Up and 50's jazz.
Check out there epic cover of 'My Girl' on their myspace.

We plain on putting on show at the end of August with Leeds lo fi treats Wonderswan at the Basement Bar Birmingham. Keep an eye out on the dates!

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