Sunday, 28 February 2010


Im always on myspace looking for bands to play for Out Of Step and here are a few that i think are worth your ear's attention.

First up

Holy State

This Leed's based four-piece are creating a stuble blend of Shellac and early Fugazi sound's.
They have an E.p coming out on Holy Roar records which has brought out the likes of The Gallows and Danananankroyd.

Venice Ahoy

First track Fireworks is a hit for Foals and Maths Class fans.This Southampton bunch are epic live to.At the moment they are on tour with Wolverhampton's 'Your Biggest Fan Club' so try and catch em while you can.

Fresh Legs

Jumping from Friends to friends on bands myspace you can always tell allot about people and their friends and Venice Ahoy's friends Fresh Legs are the right kind friends that play lo-fi fuzzed out girl fronted punk.
The track 'Sexy so sexy' builds like Los Campesinos with much better vocals like that of Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Go get Julian e.p from I Tunes for a bargin of £2.49.

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