Friday, 5 February 2010


We are sucker's for lo-fi noise at Out of step.At the moment Leeds based Wonderswan have been gathering interest to our ears and soon yours .
There sounds is similar for fan's of 'Times New Viking' and very early 'Pavement' so if you like the sound of that then you can download two tracks of Last FM

Last Fm Blurb
"Wonderswan was conceived early in 2008 in a dark, damp basement in Leeds, UK and incubated in a warm pouch by the radiant glow of a shared love for scuzzy 90s lo-fi slacker bands. The fledgling creature hatched in April with the addition of drummer G.E.D who heard the youngster crying out with hunger as he floated by attached to some helium balloons. With the additional nourishment of his frantic c86 style drummings, Wonderswan quickly matured and soon found itself performing alongside some of its own favourite bands, including Times New Viking, No Age, Copy Haho and Lovvers to name just a few. With a live reputation for playing their own songs far too fast, far too loud and falling over on the floor, Wonderswan are carving a niche as the planet Earth’s most ramshackle/charming newcomers.

The band are currently writing and recording material to be released in the first few months of 2010."

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