Thursday, 18 February 2010

Come OVA!!

I was re-thinking my choice for the three records the other day and came to the conclusion i should of added the Australian folk- hop master's 'The Bumblebeez 81' record 'The Printz'.
I first heard about this 7 track E.p while reading the N.M.E on the bus on the way home from college.It read "The missing link between Public Enemy and Royal Trux". Both bands at the time i was totally obsessed with so it read well for to me to go hunt down this little E.p.

The Bumblebeez consist of two siblings brother Chris and sister Pia Colona (stage name Queen Vila) .The sound of the beez is very cut and paste mixing 8 bit computer game sound's,turntables,broken drums,guitars and pretty much anything.The track 'misfits' was made up on a Nintendo DS. There a real unique white trash sound.I think if your a fan of Beck go check them out.

Get hold of The pritz then check out 2007's Prince Umberto and the sister of Ill which has the awesome track's Black Dirt and Dr Love.

Dr Love


Come Ova

Pony Ride

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Graham said...

It was always about the White Printz - to me that had all their best material on. Such a good record, thanks for reminding me about them.