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With La La Vasquez

For people unaware of you how would you describe the sound of La La Vasquez?
It's always a bit difficult describing your own sound as we don't try to sound a particular way, it's just the product of the three of us working together. You would have to listen to us to know what we sound like, but i guess for the sake of the interview we sound a bit fuzzy, a bit post-punk, a bit 60s garage. I have also been told that we sound slightly haunting, which i think is pretty cool. We are also labelled 'DIY' but we cant hep being 'DIY' or whatever as we are 'Doing It' ourselves it, isn't contrived or forced it wasn't a decision, we just do what we do....

There’s not much info at present about yourselves, could you tell us how you all meet, how it all came about and also where the name came from? Well we are great, that is all you need to know. joke. We met in Brighton, we met through friends/boyfriends going to gigs and we just thought it would be fun to hang out more and forming a band would make it almost compulsory. Band practices at the beginning used to consist of a lot of booze.. party vibes. Now I guess we actually want to try and be half decent so we spend band practice writing. We are named after the American WAG La La Vasquez, she is engaged to a basketball player (i think). We made a joke of our boyfriends being in bands together. It's also pretty funny seeing people try to pronounce it. For the record it's 'Vas-Kez'.

I read on your myspace you’re big fans of L7 what other influences do La La Vasquez have?yea, that is a quote, we never said that, but L7 are cool. I guess girl punk in general is an influence for us, especially in the inspirational sense. I think people think that we are influenced by what we sound like, but we do listen to other stuff too I mean who isn't a fan of The Ramones, The Black Lips, Ariel Pink, The Misfits etc. I mean we can't change the fact that we have girl voices and therefore sound like other girl bands.

You're just about to go on tour with ‘Girls names’ and a great band to. How have you found the life of being in a band and on tour treating you so far? Well tour hasn't started yet, so we will have to wait and see what that is like. I really don't think they know what they are letting themselves in for.. going on tour with us! ha We have done a mini tour with T.I.T.S before and that was so much fun. We are also going on a UK & EU tour in June with another band that we LOVE it's important to like the band that you are going away with. A band that wants to ride the party train!

At the moment there seems to be this great scene springing up with-in the London and Brighton area that could rival that of L.A’s the Smell with bands such as Pens, Graffiti Island ,Male Bonding etc how do you guy’s feel about being part of that community? I don't think there is any rivalry between LA and London/Brighton. I like to think that if there was no sea we would be hanging out. It's nice to play with bands that you like, everyone is very supportive and we are good friends with them.

The last zine we asked “What are the three records that changed or inspired your life?” What are your three? Ok let's have one each:

Rachael: Francines list - by Pink Section, Turn him down - by The Cupons, .Marin - by Inflatable Boy Clams.

Merida: Hole - Live Through This, Kleenex/LiliPUT

Freya: This is blatant cheating but i would have to say the rough trade Post-Punk Compilation.

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