Thursday, 25 February 2010


Yes something is brewing with-in the Wolverhampton art scene i feel at the moment people are trying to make or dare i say it, but a scene in this small city (at long last people on the same wave length)

For those who have ever been to the once Cut-Out Shop down in the custard Factory quart in Birmingham. You would now that the shop once boosted a wide range of brilliant Tee's, zine's, book's jewellery and print work's from established and up and coming illustrators. Well those involved in that have done a shop in Wolverhampton down on Victoria St.
It's all very D.I.Y and has some great tee's inside the shop.

They are currently stocking the Out of step zine and will keep doing so in the future. There is also a very Ltd run of Cd's from the 22 February show up for free so get there before they all go.

We Create say !


We Create* is a Social Enterprise that offers young people around the West Midlands the opportunity to gain access to qualifications and commercial experience in Fashion Design.

We Create* funds its running and development by retailing the designs its participants create.

We Create* runs a shop in Wolverhampton city centre on Victoria Street. The unit retails designs developed by local young designers and offers participants access to a design studio with commercial equipment and facilities.


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